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This Week's New Books

New books for the week of April 10, 2017

Title Author Pub Date
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Title Author Pub Date
16th Seduction Patterson, James 05/01/2017
This is Just My Face Sidibe, Gabourey 05/01/2017
Stars over Clear Lake Ellsworth, Loretta 05/02/2017
Trajectory Russo, Richard 05/02/2017
Into the Water Hawkins, Paula 05/02/2017
What My Body Remembers Friis, Agnete 05/02/2017
Against All Odds Steel, Daniel 05/02/2017
Miss Burma Craig, Charmaine 05/02/2017
Fallen Lustbader, Eric Van 05/02/2017
Before We Sleep Lent, Jeffrey 05/02/2017
Garden of Small Beginnings Waxman, Abbi 05/02/2017
No One Can Pronounce My Name Satyal, Rakesh 05/02/2017
Graves Wechsler, Pamela 05/02/2017
Proving Ground Blauner, Peter 05/02/2017
Less Than a Treason Stabenow, Dana 05/02/2017
I'll Eat When I'm Dead Bourland, Barbara 05/02/2017
Boy on the Bridge Carey, MR 05/02/2017
Crime Song Swinson, David 05/02/2017
Salt Houses Alyan, Hala 05/02/2017
Language of Solitude Sendker, Jan-Phillipp 05/02/2017
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry Tyson, Neil DeGrasse 05/02/2017
Sovereign People Berkin, Carol 05/02/2017
My Life With Bob Paul, Pamela 05/02/2017
Between Them Ford, Richard 05/02/2017
Color of Law Rothstein, Richard 05/02/2017
Best of Adam Sharp Simsion, Graeme 05/02/2017
JFK: A Vision for America Smith, Stephen Kennedy 05/02/2017
Mockingbird Songs Flynt, Wayne 05/02/2017


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